1. How to choose your perfect piece

Whether you are looking for a comfortable sofa or a statement piece to give your space a luxe upgrade, the first thing you should consider before buying, is the ‘SPACE’ you want the furniture for. So let's start with ‘Where’. Where do you want to place the furniture in your room? Does the room have enough space to accommodate the furniture, and does it blend well with the design and the colours of your room? The Design and the Dimensions of the furniture is an essential aspect to consider before a purchase.

2. Pick a style that blends well with your space

The second step after selecting the furniture you want is to make sure that the furniture, compliments the room it stands in.

3. Choose a piece that ages gracefully

The next thing you should consider is the material the furniture is made out of. The Wood or the Fabric used in a furniture is an important aspect that every homeowner should always keep in mind, This is because certain fabrics and wood last longer than the other.

4. Our spectrum of customisation

There are countless elements that make you, uniquely you. We love helping you express your identity through our handmade collections. Our collections can be altered for dimension, fabric and the kind of wood. Our furniture can be tailored as per your finesse and style - within the ambit of colour, dimension, nails, bolts and designs.

5. It's time to order

With WILDERJACK you are not just buying off-the-shelf furniture, here you get a chance to make it your own. Follow these simple steps and get started on your own interior solution.

To customise our product as per your taste, you can drop us an email and our executives will get in touch with you and customise the furniture, exactly how you want it.

Below is an example of our king George V wing chair, which will give you an idea of how you can customise your furniture by choosing the fabric, wood, and nail finishes from our catalogue to make the furniture uniquely yours.