The space you put together around you to make a home announces your personality. The elements you select for your interiors will tell your story in colours, textures, patterns and shapes.

We step in to break this down into a simpler version and customise your living space, for the space to match your zone. Following minimalist principles and staying true to the fundamentals of solid design, we give you tailor-made concepts and themes to match that good space within you.

Tables (21)

Sofas (10)

Serveware (19)

Outdoor Garden (1)

Console Tables (4)

Chairs (10)

Bookshelf (2)

Benches (12)


Bringing out the drama from eras of baroque and rococo, we strive to make every piece a masterpiece. From Baroque’s exuberant styles to modern age minimalism, our collection emanates refinement, boldness, and character.

Our contemporary, innovative, ergonomic and environmentally benign designs are in line with the specificity desired by our clients. Solid wood furniture is our forte. Our designers and craftsmen bring to life the furniture that contrives a lasting experience. Each design speaks for itself!

We bring back the beauty of yesteryear with fusing the European and ancient Indian elements along with Wilderjack’s distinct characteristics to create outstanding products alongside our modern designs. Solid wood furniture uniquely designed for each space with a blend of modern contemporary art. Our every designer wooden furniture has its own uniqueness with a story behind the art and the creation.

A personalised quotation

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